100 club

Saturday, July 14th, 2007

Been quite a while since I’ve been down the 100 club and it was refreshingly unchanged. I’ve played on many of the big band/benefit and jazz nights down there. This was a rock night, and a friend of mine Paul ‘Tidy’ was playing in Magnificent Shimmering Beasts. Only caught last number as guitarist was really ill – nearly got a gig there! Good sound – Thin Lizzy meets Captain Beefheart.

The next band Resistors were great, quirky punk(ish) rock. Drummer reminded me of Keith Moon (not so many fills and cymbals but similar energy/look). BUT is it me? I found it too loud. I suppose having spent my early years in front of loud guitar amps I don’t want to develop tinnitus now, as has happened to many friends. I get ‘funny’ about any music that makes my ears ring. No one else appeared to be bothered though and I just stood on the steps so I could hear everything.