EmRem at Lorca in England fest

Tuesday, June 21st, 2011

I’ve been rather busy recently with writing and gigs. The only downside is I haven’t had time to keep up with my own website etc.

This was a lovely festival I played at with Kathy and Sarah in Stroud last week

” The event at Mills’ CafĂ© was remarkable for two things: the sheer expertise and beauty of the guitar music by Deirdre Cartwright and Kathy Dyson and the sheer expertise and beauty of the rehearsed reading of ‘Don PerlimplĂ­n’. Deirdre and Kathy sat beneath Carolyn Watts’ colourful guitar prints (‘The Riddle of the Guitar’) as if they had brought them to life, and included in their two sets of guitar duets a performance of a Neruda poem, with vocals by Sarah P, a similar treatment of a Lorca poem – La guitarra – and, most deliciously, a performance full of passion and – dare I say it – of duende of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Take this Waltz, a version of a poem from Lorca’s ‘Poet in New York’. Brought the house down.”

Photo by Fred Chance http://fredchance.viewbook.com/album/mills#2