Sunday, September 30th, 2007

God I hate labels and i don’t mean burberry. I mean the labels we have to use to describe the music we play. (I’ve just had to write a press release btw) How many times have people said to me “I don’t really like jazz but I really like what you do…”
Maybe the exact opposite is true as well??
Well I would be quite happy describing IT as music but I suppose that’s not very helpful in a world which is increasingly eclectic and all music is a fusion of something.
The description punk jazz – what’s that about? Anyone really into punk will not hear anything resembling Clash or the Pistols ie 3 minute vocal high energy simple rock. It will sound like JAZZ to them of the instrumental sax variety. I think the name became popular in the 70s/80s with bass players Jaco Pastorius and Jonas Hellborg.
Now it keeps cropping up again, I suspect a (ha ha) hip replacement for ‘jazz rock’ Yes I know, what’s the matter with the term jazz rock – remember it’s all b;;;;;;;;;;;