Jans and the Vortex

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Well after a busy weekend of alternate pop music – Electric landladies unplugged at Whitstable (actually I have to admit as a mono instrumentalist I was in fact still plugged in) though accordions and ukelele were evident.
Then new trio Lund back in London – rocking out on some originals and great stories and dramatic poetry from Sarah P. Discovered my Epiphone Casino and my little old fender princeton amp have a GREAT rock/blues sound.

This week I’m at jan’s bar in Stokey with guest Josefina Cupido. Wonderful drummer, percussionist and singer. We played together in the Guest Stars. She did text me saying can we do the version of Tierra Sol from the pink cassette!! We do go back a few years..

Then I’ve been rehearsing with Diane McLoughlin for her band Little Big Horn at the Vortex next Tuesday. She’s written a couple of lovely new pieces.

Anyone out there who reads this and comes to one of these gigs – come up and say hello. I want to know who reads this. I seem to get a few thousand hits on my site every month so someone must be reading this stuff!  :)