Deluxe has been rev -amped!

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

Wow, thanks to my friend and amp technician John Kelly the amp is starting to sound great. I thought it needed a couple of new valves but there was a problem with the output transformer – eek! I was emailing California and Chicago. John got one direct from Fender (thanks to the 65 reissue). It’s now starting to sound lovely. What have I done for him lately? Well i arrived to pick up the Deluxe with an out of order SELMER TRUVOICE, yes one of the original TV12’s. As I said to John, no it didn’t work when i pulled it out of the skip about 15 years ago…
Watch this space, will he get it working?

Might change the main output valves on the Deluxe, I have a spare matched set because of my Princeton….
I love gear and I especially love old gear that has valves and hand wiring etc Just got down an old tape that is like gold dust to me.
I found a Brenell tape recorder (yes it was in a rubbish dump and worked perfectly). Does 15 ips , beautiful machine. On Sunday spooled this old unmarked tape on and i heard myself talking at 2 years old!! and singing and then most lovely of al. My Mum’s voice. Well I burst into tears. The quality of the tone after all these years. Sounded like she was in the room.