Selmer Truvoice TV12/T for sale

Thursday, February 14th, 2013

I’m clearing out my loft and this rare little beauty has been up there for nearly 30 years!
It’s a 1960 Selmer Truvoice TV12/T, serial no. 449. It’s a piece of English rock ‘n’ roll history. The blood and custard case, the 8 watts of power (sounds loud in the front room!).

I’ve been playing it again and it’s got a great tone with the old Casino pushing it into natural distortion. Amp is probably mostly original but sadly the gorgeous tremolo isn’t working anymore.

Anyone interested in buying it? They’re very rare so must be worth £250 – £300.
Email me for more pics. I don’t want to get involved in shipping or posting so London area.
Steve Russell has a great site dedicated to Selmer.