Ding dong merrily on high

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Strange when a song hits a universal zeitgeist. First ‘noticed’ Hallelujah – when Laka (vocalist/pianist Laka D) introduced it into her set last year (I would notice as i was playing it). Then Laka and Ian Shaw sang a great duet in October at Chats Palace, I went to see Leonard Cohen at O2 and that song was one of the highlights of the show for me. Then along came X factor and the No1 thingy and because Jeff Buckley came up I realised I had his album ‘Grace’ which had you know what on it.
I bet Laka doesn’t want to sing Hallelujah now….Kokomo sang “It’s not cool to be cool no more” Now don’t get me started – Kokomo were very cool indeed.