Playing in a guitar duo

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

I’m really enjoying playing with Emily Remembered but interesting to discover what hard work it is when we play just as a duo.
I suppose for a solo guitarist like Joe Pass or indeed Martin Taylorit must be even harder and I’d find being on my own with no one to chat to or share the gig experience a lonely place.
However because you’re playing almost constantly – comping, playing melodies or soloing and there’s no ‘breaks’
– where’s that drum solo when you need it! – you’re fully engaged for two hours.

Well this weekend we’re playing two gigs on both Friday and Saturday in Southport and Ambleside. Don’t know how quiet the audiences will be, actually that’s the other thing, our gigs have had the most receptive audiences so when we begin you can usually hear a pin drop – that’s why we’re concentrating so hard!
It’s been a fantastic experience so far but Kathy and I both noticed the ‘duo effect’ in Newcastle recently.