Back from the USA

Friday, July 17th, 2009

I can’t believe I haven’t written anything since May!
Not that I hadn’t been thinking of it but I have been busy with gigs – the end of the first part of the Emily Remembered tour finished in Swanage Sunday 12 July and I’ve been to the Boston, Northampton, Provincetown and New York – oh and had some lessons with Mick Goodrick – the reason I went there. I have soooo many ideas…First I’d like to thank the audiences who came to see ‘Picnic’ my quartet with Annie Whitehead  at Marlborough Jazz Festival. Unfortunately we were covered (just) but the audience weren’t. It bucketed down and yet some hardy folk stood outside under umbrellas and raincoats to watch us.

Some even danced to the more African/funky stuff. Well we weren’t bad  – but you were magnificent!

Next day Emily Remembered guitar duo at Swanage. The weather couldn’t have been more different. The sun shone and we were playing at the Mowlem theatre which had the most wonderful views of the coastline. Again we had a great audience who really listened. Actually that was the most surprising thing about the ER tour which took in gigs all over the country, all sorts of venues. Sometimes we played with the bigger group, but even with just the duo, people really listened.

Kathy and I are very different in our approach to the guitar but something special happens when we play together in that setting.

I’ll have to continue with this in next few days as I’ve run out of steam/time/electricity.. More about the fabulous Mick and his unfeasibly large imagination soon :)