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Sunday, 30th September 2007

God I hate labels and i don’t mean burberry. I mean the labels we have to use to describe the music we play. (I’ve just had to write a press release btw) How many times have people said to me “I don’t really like jazz but I really like what you do…”
Maybe the exact opposite is true as well??
Well I would be quite happy describing IT as music but I suppose that’s not very helpful in a world which is increasingly eclectic and all music is a fusion of something. (more…)

hello world

Tuesday, 11th September 2007

I like this, being able to keep in contact with friends, – thanks for all the feedback on the website.
Album is being mastered on Friday, Sounds great, feel invigorated, realise why I do this music thingy.

Also did two great gigs with the Electric landladies over the weekend. It was like being at a good party, doing something you love and then you get paid. YES! I’m in a very good mood today.