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one pylon, two pylons

Sunday, 31st January 2010

We all got rather exited round this part of the world (Hackney, London) when we heard that because of the Olympics or rather our proximity to them, the electricity pylons were being ‘undergrounded’. Not my verb!

Many months of work and one of them actually disappeared. Then we waited and realised that that was it. The other line didn’t go to the Olympic site and so it was left. We all chose to believe that the disruption and the silver factory that has gone up on the local fields was fair exchange to get rid of the pylons…
Two_pylons_2 Onepylon_2

My question is one pylon any better than two pylons? Judge from yourself – this is the view from my studio…

Jazz at the Beeb

Wednesday, 20th January 2010

Went to Music tank discussion and debate last night. They had Roger Wright (Radio 3 controller) and Lewis Carnie (Radio 2 controller) on a platform with Jazz Services’ Chris Hodgkin, Mykaell Rile Stuart Nicholson jazz author and journalist and German festival/radio producer Peter Schultze.


Stoke Newington Town Hall reopens

Monday, 18th January 2010

Ah the memories this old place has for us.. They might mention George Melly, Eartha Kitt, Ronnie all the jazz and music that went on here. That was long gone when we first started putting on music in the 1990s here. For us the Town Hall was the birthplace of the Emma Peel Fan Club and the wonderful gigs we played there. Sometimes it felt that the whole of Stoke Newington was trying to get in!

Backstage was a bit of a state mind.All lovingly refurbished now and the Electric Landladies will be playing on 29 jan. – completely FREE so look at gig page for more details.

No accounting for taste

Thursday, 14th January 2010

Hurrah. just finished my accounts – always late, just hate doing them. I always turn weird at the thought of officialdom and investigations.

However I was helped this year by sitting at my computer and listening to guitar duo album Pat Metheny & Jim Hall. Inspirational! As were the Bad Plus on ‘For all I care’. Featuring a very good if straight forward American woman vocalist (Shocked  at first then intrigued then really grew on me). Also didn’t realise I actually liked or knew How Deep is your Love – yes Bee Gees. Their twisted version was great and another song I hadn’t heard for years but I KNOW THIS what is it? Have to look at CD sleeve.
OF COURSE. It’s Yes “Long Distance Runaround” Wow I like this more than the original too.

Happy 2010

Saturday, 9th January 2010

Year of the metal tiger, yeah!. I feel we’ve been snowed in for weeks but love the icy sunny walks. rather have cold and dry than drizzle any day. I do have some gigs coming up and I’m recording an album with Kathy Dyson very shortly and off to Germany for a few days. Watch this space…