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new album 2

Wednesday, 28th April 2010

well now I have 4 CDs of rough mixes and the next stage is to send copies to Kathy, Alison (partner in Blow the Fuse) and listen to over four hours of music to decide which takes will make ‘the cut’. We played ‘All the things you are’ seven times trying out different tempos/ideas eek!
Guess which one is the best? – Yes the first one we played at the live gig. This version contains a small reference to Malcolm Mclaren who died that day – that must be a first for this tune!

Emily Remembered new album recording

Wednesday, 21st April 2010

We recorded our Vortex gig earlier this month and next day at the Lockhurst Studio (my house) for ourĀ  first album with this group.

Kathy Dyson and me 'Emily Remembered'
Pic: Ruby Thompson

Not quite as lo fi as it sounds because we had Chris Lewis, great sound engineer, recording it. (more…)