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Gazette has slow week

Wednesday, 23rd May 2012

I like this from this weeks Hackney Gazette front page.
At first i thought of my dear dog Bertie – sometimes known as the beast in our house.
This other beast was covered in black fur  only. Bertie is of course black and white.
I think the young woman who reported this needs to get out more. Large animal covered in black fur.. Mmmm dog I’d say.

I think it’s a Newfoundland belonging to fellow dog walkers. She’s called Willow. I’m afraid she and Bertie didn’t really hit it off – but I would refrain from calling her a beast. How very dare you!

Touring in Devon & Cornwall

Thursday, 10th May 2012

Back from five days in the lovely South West. We managed to combine four performances with seeing friends, talking to some great students at Exeter College, walking on beaches, browsing in Totnes and playing with Roz Harding and Marcus Vergette.

The only ‘person’ unhappy was the dog. He loves Cornwall.
We decided it was a bit too much moving around to bring him..

Next time Bertie! Don’t look at me like that.