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The Guest Stars

Friday, 19th October 2012

BLOW THE FUSE presents



Fascinating watching films of the Guest Stars from the 1980’s and before. Also amazing that there wasn’t a single clip of this great band on You Tube – until now..

Some wonderful film and interviews from Germany, USA and of course England. Being interviewed by Selina Scott on breakfast TV at 6.30am. We’ll be showing a great selection and discussing it on Saturday November 17 at the London Jazz Festival. Plus we’ll be playing live together in the second set.

Globe trotting womens jazz /latin group of the 1980’s captured live on film at the height of their touring. Early footage from 1977, shows their first meeting plus live and behind the scenes film clips ¬†and interviews from their own archives. The Guest Stars will be present to share stories and reflect on issues then and now around women and jazz.

The second half of the evening will feature performances from Deirdre Cartwright guitar, Josefina Cupido drums/vocal, Laka Daisical piano/vocal, Linda da Mango congas/vocal, Alison Rayner bass and Ruthie Smith sax/vocal.

So true

Tuesday, 9th October 2012

Tamara Rojo was principal ballerina for Royal Ballet. I really identified with what she said in an interview with The Guardian this week.

She says she still loves performing, “but really truly good performances are few and far between – I can maybe count 10 in my whole career.”
She usually comes out disappointed with herself. “It’s an alchemy, something beyond your control. It’s almost like you come out of yourself, you become something bigger than yourself – something else did take over.”

In that constant pursuit of that one magical night, perhaps only the 11th time in a career spanning more than 20 years “you keep working. That’s the hook.”