Dr Quantum Leaps

Dr Quantum Leaps
  1. Sky
  2. Dr Quantum
  3. Dust
  4. Wuthering Heights
  5. Walk the Circle
  6. Get Mild
  7. Beautiful or What
  8. String Theory
  9. Famously
  10. Broadband
  11. Get Mild [Radio Mix]

“Cartwright?s band plays a pleasingly varied programme impeccably, packing a considerable punch where needed but providing hair-trigger responsiveness throughout. A thoughtfully programmed, unequivocally enjoyable album.? Chris Parker, Jazz at Ronnie Scott?s

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Precious Things

Precious Things
  1. Hyperbubble
  2. Cold war
  3. Precious things
  4. Wonderwall
  5. X factor
  6. Urban Reshuffle
  7. No nylon
  8. N16
  9. Smells like jazz

?On ?Precious Things? she shows her jazz versatility as her all-female quartet breeze through organ-based grooves, swing and fusion. The title track sounds like Pat Metheny on a good day and ?Smells like Jazz? is snaky funk that John Scofield would be proud of.? John Bungey, The Times

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  1. I got my modem working
  2. Some folks tune
  3. Strange but true
  4. Flamengo
  5. Warm front
  6. View from a mountain
  7. Voluble
  8. You wish

?…Manipulating tones and textures has been one of Deirdre Cartwright?s special talents, and the variety in these eight pieces is quite astonishing. The effect is sophisticated without being pretentious, and her guitar playing grows ever more supple and inventive. Excellent solos.? Dave Gelly, The Observer

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  1. Spartia
  2. Slippers 15s 8d
  3. I thought of you
  4. Trap
  5. When pushing comes to shoving
  6. Grand loup
  7. Pisces moon
  8. One more
  9. Walk with me

“Funky fusion and laid back jazz abounds, featuring Deirdre’s clean precise Strat tones and some tasty double bass playing, particularly on ‘Slippers 15s 8d’. Other tracks worth a mention include ‘Spartia’ and the perfect late night listening of ‘I Thought of You?.? Guitarist Magazine

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